Global Penfriends is Pen Pal club for people from all over the world. We have members Whether you would like an international email friend, icq buddy or prefer to write via postal letters - this is the place to meet your international contacts! GP's also boasts the largest ONLINE database of postal penpals in the world! Let Global Penfriends club introduce you to new friends, acquaintances and contacts from all over the globe.

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Our goal at Global Pen Friends club, is to find you contacts for people looking for penfriends. Our online databases contain details of all people available for correspondence within our club, including their age, gender, country, interests and hobbies. Many clubs tell stories of thousands of penpal members.. Our club is the only pen-pal site that shows all its members online. Where's a Club of Friends (WCF).. right here at Global Penfriends. People looking for male or female pen pals can add their details to our Global Database and receive free penpals. Our club have people of all ages, not only adults.. so teachers, students can search for boy and girl penfriends. Global's caters for people of all ages and has many penpals for kids. We have members from 6 to 80 years of age. We screen all new members details to ensure our database is up-to-date and to ensure our site is family friendly! Our penfriend club has members all over the world, including USA, India, Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, England, UK, Americas etc. Our site does not discriminate against religion either: Christian, Catholic, Agnostics are all welcome to join.. 

Our club is divided into two areas. The first is for people that have limited internet access and ONLY interested in postal penfriends or snail mailing. The second area is for those with regular internet access and would like contacts of various types (postal, email, icq, chat etc). Depending on your preferred choice of correspondance - you could be writing to your new contacts within minutes!

Friends by Post Only..
Enter this area if you are ONLY interested in corresponding with people via postal letters (snail mail). Designed for people with limited internet access. 

Friends by Internet For people that have internet and email access looking for penpals. Here you will find contacts interested in corresponding via BOTH email (cyberfriends) and snail mail. By registering your profile on this site, you can receive free penfriends and make internet penfriends.

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